This essay is more of a ‘meta’ post. Lots of folks ask me what my process is like for staying on top of healthcare stuff and honestly, it’s a lot – sometimes overwhelming. But at the same time, I think it’s kinda fun.

So here’s one tidy post on my week, the best healthcare newsletters and websites, and my favorite tools to use!

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Overview of Post:

  1. My favorite healthcare newsletters
  2. My favorite healthcare news sources
  3. My weekly routine as a healthcare creator
  4. My ‘Stack’

Why don’t you let me know your favorite healthcare newsletter or source?

The Best Healthcare Creator Newsletters to follow in 2022

Here are my favorite Healthcare Writers Guild(tm) newsletters in no particular order. These are the best essays and content in the game. Folks here are taking time out of their full-time busy schedules to write about what they think is important:

The Best Healthcare News and Analysis hybrid newsletters and blogs to Follow:

Other notable sources:

The Best Healthcare Websites and News Sources

Great news sources and newsletter aggregators that I subscribe to:

My Weekly Routine

My week is pretty simple. Hospitalogy newsletters drop on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for now. Here’s my high-level schedule:

  • Monday: Write Tuesday newsletter, meet with the internal Workweek team
  • Tuesday: Roundup style newsletter publishes, get feedback, brainstorm and draft outline for Thursday essay, meet with peeps in the healthcare community
  • Wednesday: Meet with healthcare folks, draft Thursday essay
  • Thursday: Essay style newsletter publishes, get ahead on Tuesday send
  • Friday: Spend the first half of the day meeting/writing/aggregating, catch up on anything else (ad sponsorship copy, etc.) then enjoy the weekend

On a daily basis, I spend the mornings scanning headlines across ~40ish+ sources and seeing what’s relevant for you guys. Since this newsletter (and my personal interests) are catered toward healthcare tech and services business stuff – AKA, investments, finance, M&A, partnerships, and interesting trends in those spaces – I’m looking for content in that realm.

My goal during these sessions is to pick out what MY readers would find interesting. This is what (I think) is the secret sauce of Hospitalogy – not only finding the relevant stories in healthcare, but boiling the stories down into what you need to know, what I think is important implications-wise, and contextualizing it for my audience along with easy-to-understand visuals.

Beyond this, my whole goal with Hospitalogy is to bring in a financial and business perspective into the healthcare writers guild(tm) so I repost and repurpose my content constantly/daily on Twitter and LinkedIn (primary social platforms).

  • On Twitter I’ll write threads on topics covered or interesting trends/stories that tend to do well and generate a lot of attention. Besides that I’ll share charts and tidbits of news throughout the week with healthcare Twitter.
  • On LinkedIn I’ll repurpose a lot of my Twitter content (it translates pretty well) and otherwise interact/connect with the healthcare community. LinkedIn discourse in general is a lot more professional and high-level/friendly than is Twitter.

For Thursday essays and brainstorming, I generally boil down content ideas into 3 main categories:

  • News-Based Analysis: AKA, a big M&A deal or news story just dropped (e.g., Amazon-One Medical got me hyped) and I want to dive into why it’s important/broader implications. I’ve done these types of posts a bunch of times and they’re some of my faves.
  • Investment Hypotheses and Company Deep Dives: If there’s a space I’m super interested in or excited about, I love writing about them. You might remember my deep dive on Syntegra and synthetic data (a really cool space). I really enjoyed that essay (if you’re a startup and want to share your business model and financials with me OR simply share your company thesis I’d love to write about you).
  • Opinion Pieces: These essays are the scariest for me since I’m putting myself out there. A good example of an ‘opinion’ was my post on insurtech struggles and why it’s so hard for them to compete against incumbents. Another one about the acute-care focused hospital model dying, was tough. I received mixed feedback from varying sources. It was praised on Twitter and a lot of healthcare operators via e-mail, but somehow it also found its way onto Reddit (I can’t remember where) where clinicians tore it to shreds. It was actually kind of a perfect microcosm for healthcare, honestly. It’s amazing how much criticism your writing can draw even when you label a piece as a thought experiment!!

So that’s more or less my process each week for writing Hospitalogy. Moving on, here are the sources that I sift through, along with my favorite tools to do so! If you have any recommendations here, I’m all ears, but I enjoy these.

My ‘Tech’ Stack

Feedly: This is my go-to RSS feed and I keep a number of healthcare news sources here. The Google Chrome Feedly extension is excellent

Notion: I write and save everything down in Notion. Workweek as a whole lives in Notion and I enjoy the interface, so it’s nice for me.

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Microsoft Excel: My bread and butter. I lived in Excel for 6+ years and love doing data and financial analysis in those clean lil’ cells. This is where I make all of my charts and analysis

Microsoft PowerPoint: Honest to God this is what I use for visuals. I’ve noticed that if you copy Excel graphics and charts into PowerPoint first and then save them as PNGs, they look cleaner on the web and on socials.

Hemingway: I use the Hemingway app to make sure I’m writing clearly because sometimes I accidentally use a lot of jargon. Hemingway makes it pretty clear to see when I’m using a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t be. Or when my sentences are too long. Sigh.

Other resources that I use:

  • Seeking Alpha, Koyfin, and TIKR terminal for various transcript sourcing, valuation multiples, public company analysis, and staying on top of the health tech index and ‘boring’ services companies
  • Kaufman Hall for its hospital flash report and physician flash report
  • Advocacy groups like the AMA and AHA have nice reports – you just need to know that they have spin for whatever they’re advocating for
  • Various digital health and other companies like Turquoise or GoodRx put out great content or studies from time to time. Plus, all the public company SEC filings have fantastic overviews of their business models and key regulations. Their investor presentations are wonderful as well.
  • Various investment banking, law firm, and consulting reports are excellent for deep dives into certain areas. Ones that come to mind include Bain, McKinsey, PwC, VMG Health, Weaver, Provident, Chartis, Milliman, Lumeris
  • Typefully for writing threads

That’s pretty much everything – I might come back to this post from time to time and add or drop sources (particularly the newsletters if any cease to exist or stop publishing). Are there any great sources I missed? Let me know – I’m all ears.

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Blake Madden
Blake Madden
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