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Today we’re diving into the world of healthcare HR alongside Paylocity – a one-stop shop for all things human resources. I took some time to sit down with their team, learn more about their value props, and understand the pain points they solve.

Let’s dive in.

This essay is a sponsored post in partnership with Paylocity. I write these posts for companies with offerings or missions I believe can provide value-adds for Hospitalogy subscribers, many of whom work with/for hospitals or provider organizations that are on the hunt for things like a new HR platform that can be configured for healthcare-specific purposes.

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Key Takeaways on Paylocity

Paylocity offers an all-in-one HR, payroll, recruiting, and compliance solution. They work with a number of provider organizations across ambulatory care settings.

Paylocity’s platform automates tedious tasks to save money and boost employee satisfaction, resulting in better retention numbers and cost savings.

Providing tools like community recognition, HIPAA compliance dashboarding, shift scheduling, CPE, and more flexible features all help Paylocity’s healthcare clients deal with the mundane so they can stretch dollars further and focus on what matters for their organizations.

You can learn more about their healthcare offerings here!

Read some of their recent case studies here:

Paylocity solves annoying HR problems for healthcare organizations

There’s no way around it: healthcare organizations need to get their act together when it comes to internal manual processes and technology investment – from small mom-and-pop home health agencies all the way up to health systems. Plus, we all know healthcare always likes to add an extra layer of complexity when it comes to seemingly simple or mundane tasks. 

Leaders at provider organizations are constantly up at night thinking “how can I find money to invest in who we are as a company, and to drive our mission forward?” And to that end, one area to consider a smarter solution is in the good ‘ole HR department.

Paylocity purposefully built a platform flexible and customizable to suit any needs a care delivery organization might have. From our conversations, here are some of the cooler, in-the-weeds things we chatted about:

  • Flexibility & Scalability: The software scales with you as you grow through providing useful tools – like shift scheduling across sites and automating parts of the recruitment process so you can find the candidates you’re looking for across the ever-nuanced roles in healthcare. Stated differently, a smaller HR team can do more. Through better on-platform collaboration, employees (in home health, for instance) can more quickly be made aware of vacancies within their regional teams, leading to more efficient referrals into the company. Clearer instructions around open enrollment leads to fewer questions and therefore less time spent. You can see quickly how all of the little things Paylocity does right leads to a positive compounding of results.
  • Compliance: Paylocity holds plenty of discussions around cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance, which the Paylocity platform offers through its Compliance Dashboard. This has been a game changer for those they’ve onboarded and ends up being a huge relief.
  • Training & Certification: Paylocity can track things like trainings, CPE, and certifications which removes burden from the employee and HR team. Onboarding can be automated and seamlessly tracked online.
  • Transparency & Communication: Payroll automation and prorated pay calculations give employees agency and salary transparency. A centralized communication channel allows for remote and on-the-road workers to stay in touch with the larger organization, instilling a sense of unity and culture across the workforce.
  • Agency & Empowerment: Small but thoughtful touches on Paylocity’s platform lead to outsized impacts on satisfaction, including birthday recognition, ability to recognize and shout out coworkers doing a good job, and give employees a voice through useful feedback and messaging channels. A big part of Paylocity’s secret sauce lies in the team’s focus on employee experience and engagement – and this sentiment lines up very nicely with the human touch of the healthcare industry.

Paylocity’s ROI is Clearly Defined

So let’s say you move forward and implement Paylocity’s platform solution. What can you expect from an ROI perspective?

  • Cost savings: Automating processes like applications and applicant tracking for new roles, onboarding, and open enrollment helped one Paylocity client save $17,000 in a year. HR employees can handle more tasks with fewer frustrations.
  • Employee retention: This goes without saying, but better employee retention and lower turnover rates year over year lead to drastically better business results. You can ask any health system during the pandemic about that – it was COSTLY to constantly on-board and train new nurses and clinicians. Consequently, quality and capacity of services suffered. Now, health systems are increasingly focusing on providing career advancement pathways for nurses, more resources and benefits – all of which Paylocity can enable on-platform. Using Paylocity resulted in 25% higher employee satisfaction in one tracked case study.
  • Actionable, timely data: With previous bare bones HR solutions, some of Paylocity’s clients had employees spending an aggregate 8+ weeks on manually gathering spreadsheets. Paylocity’s Modern Workforce Index keeps data online and available for easy download, giving HR personnel visibility into engagement levels, who’s using the platform, and find actionable next steps for follow-up. Compliance is easily tracked via Paylocity’s Compliance Dashboard.

You’ve probably picked up on a theme as to what I’m getting at here, with that point being…an all-in-one HR solution like Paylocity is proven to drive better patient and business outcomes. 

Retain employees, comply with onerous healthcare standards, save headaches, and cut down on useless admin time and papers printed. The intangible benefit of a dedicated, loyal, happy employee workforce cannot be understated on a business’ impact and financial performance.

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Don’t Overlook the Human Touch in Healthcare

Our healthcare industry has gotten the unfortunate reputation of being overly complex and corporatized to the point where often the patient and clinician or physician are lost in the sea of administration.

Implementing a platform like Paylocity can give you some semblance of control over at least one part of that, and that’s an important part of the equation. 50%+ of every healthcare services organization’s costs is labor – people dedicated to a common mission, coming in day in and day out to make sure patients get home healthy. If internal processes are broken or frustrating, those headaches trickle out to the rest of the organization. Outcomes suffer, and the business suffers. 

That’s why it’s worth checking out Paylocity – to understand whether they’re right for your organization and to drive the mission forward!

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Blake Madden
Blake Madden
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